Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Prophetik - A Little Love Letter

Fashion is one of those things that draws me in and yet makes me feel at odds at the same time.   I know what I like and I know what suits me. I know the details that call to me...  pin tucks, a long row of buttons, embroidery, a deep ruffle.  I am a romantic.  If an item quotes a day gone by, it's very much assured to catch my eye.  I'm clear on what I like, but I'm not totally certain fashion deserves the weight its given.  Oh, I could debate with myself forever on this topic...  personal expression vs. the greater environmental good.

Often I go the vintage route to express the style I love and this has lots going for it... lovelier and long lasting materials, very good workmanship and a lighter ecological footprint.  I do buy new things too but I'm very much in buy-to-last mode.  Even so, investment pieces do not always make me feel entirely justified in buying new things...  there's just so much resource mismanagement, pollution and unfair working conditions associated with the garment industry...  all this for something pretty to wear?  It seems more than a little wasteful.  (Sorry to get heavy, lovely readers. Bear with me... this post will get better!)

I also try to buy clothes made from environmentally friendly fibres.  I'm wearing my favourite hemp knee socks as I type this!  But I'm even at odds with this.  I feel a bit horrible that I'm not a person who could be completely happy in most eco-friendly designs.  It's such a struggle...  I know there's a better way, I want to do the right thing, but I also want to express my inner life externally and most sustainable fashions are either a little more earth-motherly than I want to wear, or resolutely modern-looking, nary a scrap of lace in sight.

But there is a man who calls to my whole heart with the outer and inner beauty of his designs.  His name is Jeff Garner and he's the talent and vision behind the line Prophetik. It strikes me that there is something so beautiful and true about these designs... care and attention being given not only to the end creation but a deep respect for the process and materials as well.  I love to see old souls carving their place in this world and I sense he's doing it a stitch at a time. 

Please enjoy this little glimpse into his world.


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