Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Key West

I'm back to the chilliness of Victoria in February, but for a few warm days this month I travelled down the Keys to go meet my Dad's boat. He had often urged me to visit during the winters of their Canadian snowbird-dom, but I always resisted. There were always reasons to stay put and carve some sort of pleasure out of the grey days here.

This time, though, I wanted an escape... even for a short while. I wanted something other than the endless grey and brown... I wanted to fill my eyes with a brighter blue than the blues I've been feeling. I wanted to stare at calmer waters than the ones I seem to find myself in on my northern island.

On Valentine's Day my Mom and I took the kayaks out, a dozen roses at each of our bows. We gave to roses one by one to the sea, each with a wish for Dad. Even though the current did its best to push our little boats towards the shore, the roses made their long progression away from us and out to open waters. Why the tides took our roses and not us, we'll never know...

Some things just are.

My reality is shifting. The beginning of a dual life has commenced and I now find myself the co-owner of a boat again. It's always water with me. Key West has gotten under my skin and I have this growing suspicion that I'm going to take advantage of the dream my Dad started.

Other than some pining for New Orleans, I've never wanted that for myself before. A life, a heart in two places. But if there's anything I do know for certain, the water will have its way with you. It's hard to argue with the tide.



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