Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Life Without Television

Now that I've been without TV for a bit, I'm feeling embarrassed that I kept it for so long. It wasn't always this way. I went for years and years without it, but after a period of time of the Mister working evenings I broke down and ordered cable to keep me company at night. The evening work has long since passed, but the habit stuck.

I tried to watch intelligently, choosing what I filled my eyes with as wisely as I could. I subscribed to specialty channels I thought might be better quality than others (although BBC Canada turned out to be an utter disappointment. Of all the great BBC productions out there, what's with the constant and repetitive real estate shows? I thought that's what HGTV was for.)

I tried to watch critically, challenging the messages advertisers kept driving home. Apparently I adopted the habit of my great grandmother Blanche... talking back out loud to the TV. (One of my charming quirks, I'm sure.) I was resolute that the urgency to buy would be railed at by me.

It's quite something in retrospect how much energy I put into steeling myself against the box. And now... it's gone... all that internal struggle just to get a little entertainment is over and it feels rather fantastic. I don't need to justify out loud to a screen why I won't buy things. I'm finding my own means of keeping myself entertained. I'm reading a lot more, listening to and playing music, sewing to my heart's content. And instead of talking to the TV, I'm having great conversations with the cats, the raccoons and the birds in the trees.

Some habits are harder to break than others!



P.S. Blogger... if you're out there listening, like the lovely Janet at The Gardener's Cottage, I am not able to leave comments on my favourite blogs and it's bothering me to no end. I'm not even able to leave comment on my blog! Very frustrating... because I like being conversational when people take the time to leave me a message. Please fix!



At June 1, 2011 at 5:02 AM , Blogger the gardener's cottage said...

hi kiristia,

yay, i think i have my problem fixed! i went to my dashboard and went to comments and changed my comment box to be a pop up one. there are 3 choices and i was using the one that said bottom of page. try it and if it doesn't work email me and i'll try to explain something else i did. it has been so frustrating!

i was laughing while reading this post b/c i too talk or shout back at the tv. the only thing we watch on it now are movies through netflix and football during the football season.

the media blitz to get me to buy is astonishing and now i'm starting to feel it on blogs too. which is so sad. the constant push for more and more is depressing. on that note, i hope you have a beautiful day.


At June 1, 2011 at 7:24 PM , Blogger Kristia said...

Janet... thank you for the info!!! It seems to be working! You are my hero!!!




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