Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Warmest of Places

Brrr... this unexpected return to chilly weather has me seeking out cozy places. Let me introduce you to one of them. This is my favourite pub in Victoria called the Bard and Banker. Not only is it a beautiful space filled with enough chandeliers and bevelled glass to keep a magpie like me well entertained, they also (very thoughtfully) have a designated gluten-free menu... and gluten-free beer too!

I gave up the gluten a few months ago in order to manage an auto-immune condition that showed up unexpectedly in my life. What a thing. At first I felt quite blue, thinking how hard it would be to dine out with friends. I shouldn't have worried much about it at all as I've found the restaurants in this town not only accomodating, but actively supportive.

How's that for a warm thought on a cold night?



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