Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Birthday Snow Day

It's the love of my life's birthday today and we woke today to an unexpected blanket of snow. Quite a shocking amount for this part of the world at this time of the year. Yes, I know I'm Canadian but I'm a west-coaster and I swear snow is rare in this part of the country. The Mister is originally from Winnipeg, though, so this weather is reminding him of all his childhood birthdays.

I meant to hold off from giving him his pile of birthday presents until after dinner, but snow plus gifts was just too Christmas-y an opportunity to pass up, so we did the unwrapping this morning. (We rarely get snow at Christmas either!)

As he trudged to work on foot I spent the first part of my morning making him something sweet. Not a cake this year... but that's all I'm going to say in case he takes a peek at this blog. It was just so nice to spend a little time in the kitchen on this glorious snow day creating something festive.

Now, let's see if we'll be able to dig out the car and get to our dinner reservation.

Happy Birthday, My Love!

The Mister in warmer weather!



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