Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Out of the Woods, into the Kitchen

Oh, it's been far too long. I abandoned this lovely place I created for myself. I've been dealing with some health issues and always find it so hard to communicate such things. I come from a family who loves, loves, loves to discuss such troubles... something that has always made me uncomfortable. I guess my reaction is to go silent. I'd rather take off and hide in the woods like some wounded creature than air it all out in public.

I'm starting to feel a great deal better now. I've found a fantastic naturopathic doctor and have left the care of my family physician. A bit of a risky move, but all for the good.

While in the naturopath's office last week, I browsed though the March issue of Vogue. The magazine fell open to a column written by Sophie Dahl model-turned-writer. I was so struck by the tone of her words. There's something deeply empathetic and warm about her writing. I filed away the idea of checking out her books sometime and got called into the naturopath's office.

It was a good appointment. Tests were back and confirmed some things. Finally I had answers and an action plan. I needed to tweak my diet and start practicing some new habits. I always do better when I have some instructions to live up to. I know, though, I have a habit of taking a good habit too far sometimes. Now that I've been asked to give up refined sugar, refined carbohydrates add more protein there's a danger I'd turn to militant dietary thinking.

Fortuitously I found myself a copy of Miss Dahl Voluptuous Delights. I had no idea that her recipes centred around the very eating habits suggested by the naturopath and that she's a fellow pescetarian (although there are chicken recipes in the book as well as some desserts in the back I'll have to avoid for now). I read through and found that we make our Niçoise salads and our vanilla yogurt the same way. I feel like I've found a culinary kindred spirit... one who is gentle and a bit of a sensualist when it comes to food.

I know she came under some criticism for The Delicious Miss Dahl the cooking show she did in support of the book. I've only seen clips of it online, but it looks lovely. The set is so feminine and old-fashioned. I wish it would air here!



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