Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sustainable Style

I had been doing so, so well in the clothing denial department and had been feeling pretty self-satisfied over my early success. But I have to admit I missed thinking and musing about clothes. I've been feeling a little lacklustre lately and I think it has something to do with the aversion to pretty things.

Gibson Girl

Polyvore is such a fun place to dream. It's some sort of modern stand-in for playing with paper dolls or making magazine collages. I'm usually focused on how many vintage-inspired sources I can find there, but this time I gave myself an extra challenge. I wanted to find items that are produced sustainably. It's really amazing what they're making with organic cotton and hemp these days.

But (and I should have seen this coming) all this exposure to pretty clothes that ease the green guilt was too much for all my good plans. I broke down and ordered this:

Emma Shirt - Organic Cotton

and this (in black):

Petticoat Skirt - Organic Cotton

Sustainable, fair-trade frills are very hard to resist!



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