Friday, May 7, 2010

A Lotta Cuppas

I love tea. I really do. Not that coffee doesn't have it's place in my life, it's just that tea has been in my life a lot longer. I'm told my Grandma used to put weak tea in my bottle as a toddler.

Each week I pick up a lovely little box of organic tea. There's not a huge selection of organic teas at the place we shop, but the little boxes of organic black have suited us just fine until now. I've become obsessive about reducing our waste and each week we're putting the paper box and the plastic package that holds the tea inside the box into the recycling. Also, the travel that these little boxes have to do to get to me is hard to wrap my head around. From China to England to Canada. I needed to come up with a better plan.

There are some wonderful tea shops in Victoria and one particular favourite is Silk Road Tea. Not only are their teas organic, but they import and blend things themselves and sell their loose teas in bulk containers. The shop itself is wonderful... high ceilings, large shelves... there's something about it that reminds me of an old-time drygoods store, even though the shop is much more airy and modern in concept.

I came home with a tin of tea that should last us 1,500 cups! It was far more economical than our little boxes and I know the quality of the tea itself is far superior. We chose a beautiful earl grey called Canton Orange and the kitchen is filled with the happy scent of bergamot.

Even happier still? No plastic.



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At May 8, 2010 at 9:03 PM , Blogger Sphinxvictorian said...

I've recently rediscovered tea, myself. I swore off diet sodas (and in fact all carbonated drinks), and I can't drink coffee (doesn't agree with me), so I turned to tea as a source of needed caffeine. But I have always loved tea, both strong and weak, herbal and black as the hubs of hell.

My partner and I are both chai-lovers, and we found a wonderful chai at our local co-op that's called Chai Wallah, and it is to die for. So is the Equal Exchange Ceylon Chai, wow! My favorite tea is Assam, so hard to find a really good one, even Twinings, here in the US. Do you have better luck with that up in BC? I do love a good earl grey, too.

Happy tea drinking!

At May 11, 2010 at 9:32 PM , Blogger Kristia said...

Thank you! I took a look for some Assams locally and I found a number I'm going to have to try. Particularly the one described as a 'malty cup'. Sounds like a lovely brew after a long walk on a grey day!


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