Monday, January 18, 2010

Nouveau Vintage

Although I love buying vintage in most respects, I just can't do it with shoes. I have picky feet after years of abuse. (Ask me about the time I traumatized my metatarsals dancing barefoot with a man in cowboy boots at an Orange Hall on St. Patrick's Day.) And I'm tall with feet to match... vintage sizing rarely works for me.

I despair to this day the loss of the perfect pair of pearly mary janes that were my grandmere's. We had the same sized feet even though she was about 6 inches shorter than me. I remember she kept them in a rose covered box in her closet. They were the last pair of vintage shoes that truly fit both foot and spirit. I turned down puddle jumping with a minor rockstar because I was wearing Grandma's shoes but they mysteriously disappeared over the years. Maybe the rockstar would have been the better choice after all.

Trouble is, modern fashion and shoe styles just don't do it for me at all. Not even a bit. Does not compute. I can stretch my appreciation to contemporary design in many areas, just not shoes.

So this is why I get a little over excited when I find nouveau vintage footware. I know, womanly shoe lust... how very common, but look at my new beauties!

Now I'm eyeing up these lovelies. Be still my beating Pearl Hart





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