Friday, January 15, 2010

New Beginnings

I've moved here to start fresh and write about more than personal finance. It became a limiting subject for me. I felt myself needing to express things that had very little to do with the confines of subject matter I chose to focus on. And so I'm here hoping to give myself a clean slate and some "scope for the imagination", as Anne Shirley would say.

Why 'Faded Beauty'? By no means is meant as a personal critique! It's simply a way to describe the things that I'm attracted to... well-loved objects, vintage clothing, the scent of old books and fallen leaves... tarnished silver, dim light, sepia-toned photographs. I want this to be a place of creative expression and I hope to explore the colours and textures of such faded beauty here.

I want to cultivate my sensory pleasures and I want to reach out and communicate them. I want to embrace my personal style and feel more settled about that. And I'd like to find some like-minded souls out there in the world, making beauty where they stand. It would be good to know you as I get to know more about me.

I'm a little late to get on the polyvore bandwagon, but I understand the addiction now! Here are some vintage-y fashion sets from me and a song I've been listening to repeatedly this week. (I get a little obsessive like that!)

Until soon...



the long journey home

edwardian pewter



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