Monday, January 25, 2010


I hadn't realized a few days ago when I posted the lovely video with the Debussy piece, that the montage was actually the opening to the film Cheri with different music set to it. Such a different mood with the slow sweetness of that Reverie.

I had been meaning to see Cheri for a while and I'm so happy I finally did for a number of reasons. The narration starts with the introduction of a courtesan named Emilienne D'Alencon. You'll find her photo in the titlebar of this blog. I've had an old postcard of her framed and at my desk for years and every so often I uncover just another little bit of her story. It's always a thrill when I do.

But back to the film... if any of you out there are fans of Art Nouveau, Lea (played by Michelle Pfeiffer) has the most amazing home set in Belle Epoque Paris. The iron balcony! The Gallé glass! The Mucha print! The set is extraordinary.

I've fallen deeply in love with the bed featured in this film. I've since been searching for something similar online to little luck. The best I've come up with is an Elliot's Designs bronze bed with a hint of a whiplash curve. Not nearly as stunning, but perhaps better suited to my slightly more humble boudoir!

Besides all my swooning over sets and costumes, I loved the story too. It's based on novels written by Colette in the 1920s. I'm by no means a reviewer and I don't want to give too much of the film away for those of you who may not have seen it. A synopsis can be found here.



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